About Us

We’re here to help people live a greener life – every day, in every way.

reshmaDr Reshma Nayak – Founder

A relatively new go-green convert, Reshma has always had dreams about saving the world (in a superhot superwoman avatar, no less!). In her previous avatar, she built India’s most popular health site reaching lakhs of Indians. Now she has plans to get them to wake up to the fact that they really need to change their habits and save the planet. She’s a certified workaholic, a cool-headed mum to a smart 11-year old and a qualified dentist. Her pet peeve – people who’re lazy and don’t think they have anything to do.



debo bio picDebolina Raja – Chief Content Officer

Passionate about writing and making this world a happier place, Debo uses her 15 years of work experience and blogging skills to connect with people. Loves talking about parenting, social issues, books, beauty, music and more. Volunteers with NGOs and collaborates with various brands. Started the Feed A Kid Every Saturday initiative, urging people to feed street kids near their home at least once a week. Enjoys her 10 km night walks, loud music, dancing in the rain, reading, traveling and playing prankster to her daughters who call her dino(saur) mom. Debo’s epitaph “There’s no map for where I’ll go.”




Nimisha Ghorpade – Green Living Champion

Studied Environmental Sciences. Working as well as pursuing research in the field of ecology and and conservation. Associated with an international student group working towards sustainability and economics. Brings her zealous love for ecology and wildlife to this platform. She believes that each and everyone is a conservationist as she always sees the better in everyone and in the world.






Suprakash Mishra – Green Tech Pro

A Tesla-loving green fanatic who dreams about living the carbon zero life. Started reading about clean tech and sustainable development as a hobby and ended up finding his true calling. Maintains a blog and Facebook page – Green Fanatics – to educate people on simple ways to go green. Always looks around and tries to find the most efficient ways to optimize energy consumption.