CNG Will Save Upto 40 Percent On Fuel Costs (How Green Is It?)


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CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas, which is mostly methane gas compressed at a high pressure. CNG is found in petroleum wells and other rock formations, as well as in landfills where it is produced by bacterial decomposition. Natural gas is now one of the prime fuel sources for electricity and the third most popular choice for automobiles. CNG is often referred to as the greener fuel. But it is methane, a hydrocarbon from petroleum wells. So how green is it really? Let’s find out.

CNG is not 100 percent green. It is the greenest of all fossil fuels. It produces around 20 percent lesser CO2 and 50 percent lesser NOx than petrol powered vehicles. The amount of particulate matter emission is greatly reduced too. CNG being a gas has very less impurities, so, the emissions are consistently cleaner. CNG is also cheaper than petrol and diesel.

How To Convert My Car To CNG?

A CNG retrofit kit will cost you around INR 40,000 to 60,000 depending on the type and capacity you need. A tank to store the CNG is fitted in the boot and a switch and fuel level indicator is installed on the dashboard.

Will My Car Run Only On Gas?

No, the kit will make your car bi-fuel. You can run your car on both petrol and CNG by changing a switch on the dashboard.

Can Diesel Cars Be Converted To CNG?

Technically, they can be. But it is very expensive and slightly complicated to convert modern multi-injection diesel engines to CNG. Older buses were easily converted when Delhi passed a rule to have CNG-run public buses and auto-rickshaws.

So My Car Will Be Greener And Cheaper To Run?

Yes, this is the cheapest way to reduce emissions of your car. Your car’s running cost will come down by 20 to 40 percent with CNG.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

CNG is not available everywhere. Currently, the NCR region, parts of Gujarat, Maharastra and UP have CNG filling stations. Also, there is a 10 percent drop in power while running on CNG. The boot space is lost as the tank takes up most of that space.

Why Aren’t All Cars Converting To CNG When It Is Cheaper And Greener?

CNG is not available everywhere and also there is the initial investment factor. The predominant factor is availability.

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