Top 5 Solar Power Plants In India (And How They Benefit You)

  • solar-tamil-nadu
    Solar Power Plant In Tamil Nadu. Image Source: Wikipedia Commons
  • solar-park-in-gujarat
    Gujarat Solar Park In Charanka. Image Source: GPCL
  • solar-jodhpur
    Solar Power Plant In Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Image Source: MNRE

India is the tenth largest producer of solar power in the world. We have more than 5000 MW of solar energy installed in the country, and the numbers are rapidly increasing. Here are the top 5 solar energy power plants in India:

1. Kamuthi Solar Park – Tamil Nadu

This recently commissioned solar power park in Tamil Nadu is currently the largest in the country. 360 MW of clean solar power has been connected to the grid from this project. A total of 648 MW is being planned. It supplies power at around INR 7 per kWh to the state electricity board, which is slightly higher than current average prices of around INR 4.7 per kWh.

2. Charanka Solar Park – Gujarat

The Charanka Solar Park is located in Gujarat and is the country’s first solar power park. It houses 17 ‘thin-film’ solar power projects by different developers. Currently, it produces 345 MW of clean solar power. Once fully commissioned, it will produce a total of 500 MW.

3. Welspun Solar MP Project – Madhya Pradesh

This project is located in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh and is one of the largest in the world. 151 MW of solar power has been commissioned from here. It provides electricity to over 6 lakh homes and reduces over 2 lakh tonnes of CO2.

4. Welspun – Jodhpur

Welspun’s 2nd largest solar power project is located in Jodhpur. It produces 55 MW of clean solar power. Being located in the Thar desert, it receives abundant sunshine and very few cloudy days. It generates power for 2.5 lakh homes.

5. Green Energy Development Corporation Ltd – Odisha

Located in Manamunda, Odisha, this solar power project produces 50 MW of clean sustainable solar power.

India has an ambitious target of 100 GW of solar energy to be set up by 2022. A 750 MW plant, which will be one of the largest in the world, is being planned in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from that, net-metering policies are being streamlined and soon India will see a wave of private owned rooftop solar systems.

How Will These Solar Power Plants Benefit Me?

Here’s a quick look at why these solar power plants are good for you:

  • Well if you live near the solar plants, you will most likely get clean non-polluting power from the same.
  • If you live far, as is mostly the case in Indian as of now, it will still indirectly benefit you. Clean energy means clean air and water, without the harmful effects of pollution.
  • Also, when there is any reduction in the amount of CO2 emissions, it will help to diminish the harmful effects on climate and reduce the climate change effects.
  • Lesser pollution also means cleaner air and water, lesser diseases, more predictable weather and more livable conditions.

Ideally, the aim is to make the entire grid green, but that will take both time and money. So, if you can, invest in solar and other renewable technologies whenever possible.

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