A Million Electric Cars On The Road Already


Image source: Wikipedia commons

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), there are already more than a million plug-in electric vehicles in the world. Plug-in vehicles are the pure electric cars as well as hybrids that can be plugged-in to recharge.

IEA considers this “a significant milestone,” but is concerned that the number is still small for achieving the 2 C goal, which is to restrict the global average temperatures from growing by 2 degrees Celsius, which would have serious consequences on the environment. To achieve this, one of the goals is to have a billion electric vehicles on the road by 2050. The target is ambitious according to many, but considering the 4 lakh bookings (approx.) that the Tesla Model 3 car has received recently (remember these will be delivered after two years), we think it is easy to achieve.

According to the IEA, the other major technology to prevent the global warming crisis from happening is solar or wind energy. Solar and wind power are a great support to electric cars. When electric cars are recharged from renewables such as solar and wind, a net zero carbon is achieved.

Charging infrastructure is also getting a boost at many places in the world. Japan already has more electric vehicle charging points than petrol pumps. It is not difficult for charging points to come up, as they are basically a wire from the grid with a plug-point and simple electronics to keep track of the process.

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