Leonardo DiCaprio’s $100k Hybrid


Image source: Karma Automotive

The Hollywood heartthrob and one of the most attractive males in the world also has one of the most stylish hybrid cars ever, or for that matter, one of the coolest cars ever!

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at the car that is a rage and almost as attractive as the star’s jaw-dropping looks.

Leo’s set of wheels is a Fisker Karma 2012 – a range of electric vehicles of the luxury sport sedan type. It was produced between the years 2011 and 2012 by Fisker Automotive and manufactured in Finland.

It’s one of the most lusted-after cars of those celebs who want to go green and take up environment-friendly travel options. The other celebs who have been in the wait-list include Al Gore and Colin Powell.

The car comes with 403 horse power, solar panels on its roof and the interiors are made with wood that was rescued from the roots of trees that suffered in the California fire. And now, here’s the big thing – the seat cushions are made with used baby diapers that are wrapped in leather that has been scavenged from various mass grave sites in Eastern Europe.

Isn’t that really cool? Oh, and as you already read in the title, it costs just about $100k!

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