Hit Or Miss? Mahindra E-Verito, India’s Pure Electric Car

Mahindra e-Verito

Mahindra has launched the 2nd pure electric car in the country – e-Verito. It is priced at 9.5 lakh INR for the base D2 model, 9.75 lakh INR for D4 and 10 lakh INR for the top D6 variant (ex-showroom Delhi prices). The Lithium battery pack is a 72V one, giving the car a range of 110 km (with 8 km reserve range for emergencies) which is almost similar to the company’s smaller e2o. The motor produces 40 bhp of power and 91 Nm of torque. Top speed is around 86 kmph, and there is a boost mode too. Running costs are expected to be as low as Rs 1.15/km and being a pure electric car, there are no tailpipe emissions.

Charging takes 8 hours and 45 minutes at a regular 15 amp plug point. The top end D6 variant is capable of fast charging which can be done in 1 hour 45 minutes. There is regenerative braking like other electric cars, which would help recover the otherwise lost kinetic energy when the accelerator is let go. The motor acts as a generator and recharges the batteries, hence gaining additional range. As per the company, around 140 charging stations will be set up in New Delhi soon.

The car will now be available in New Delhi and soon in other cities such as Bangalore and Mumbai.

Hit Or Miss?

The range is still disappointing. The smaller e2o has slightly more range too. Yes, this would have required bigger batteries considering the bigger size and larger motor, but 110 kms is simply too low for a car this size. Something around 160-200 km at the least would have made this a brilliant option. Also, the top speed of 86 kmph in a 10 lakh INR car is low, but electric cars make up in torque. The price is also subsidized due to sops offered in the country’s capital. Otherwise with proper 5 seats, metal body and a boot, this could have been the game-changer for electric cars.

Image Source: Mahindra Verito

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