Going Green – Where To Start?


Image Source: Flickr

Solar power, composting, LED confuses you? Relax. If you are a newbie and want to go green, here are the simplest ways how you can start.

1. Turn Off – The simplest and oldest advice. Turning off lights, fans and every other appliance when you are not using it will help you save a lot of money and reduce emissions. Turn off or plug out appliances that are left on standby too.

2. Walk Or Cycle – The greenest ways of transportation are walking and cycling. Walk or cycle to your nearest bus stop, train stop, or to other nearby places. Try to avoid using your scooter or car for simple errands. Once you start walking, you will be able to walk more. Our editor, Debolina Raja, walks 10 km a day.

3. Public Transportation – One bus can remove around 20 cars from the road. Use public transportation such as bus, train, trams or even shared taxis to lower your carbon footprint.

4. Carry Your Own Bag – The simplest way to reduce polythene use is to reuse them. Carry your own plastic or jute bag whenever you go shopping. You can fold and store them in your car, desk or near your shoe stand so that you never forget.

5. Water – Do not keep the water running while brushing or shaving. Take quick showers, and fix leaks to lower your water consumption.

Aren’t these really simple to implement? Once you are done with these, you can move on to the ones that require a bit more attention.

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