Green (Eco-Friendly) Architecture: What And Why

what is green architechture

When it comes to living ‘green’, our everyday actions create a big impact on the environment and our overall health. Not only what we do in our home, but even how we construct our home and maintain it can add a lot to our green living endeavor.

The term ‘green home’ can sound too technical. In reality, it is nothing but a type of residential or commercial building which is built in such a way that both the exterior of the building as well as the interior, including designing and maintenance, will cause less damage to the environment. Not only are green or eco-friendly buildings good for our entire ecological system, the best part is that they are also extremely budget-friendly.

A green building significantly reduces the amount of energy, electricity and water consumption. It will help preserve the earth’s natural reserves and will cost you less in terms of maintenance, by using a mix of eco-friendly techniques and practices. For instance, an eco-friendly building will make optimal use of natural light, such as sunlight and natural air. As a result, it will help to reduce your electricity and fan or AC usage (less lights and fans need to be switched on during the day) and will also be good for your health (natural sunlight and air have many health benefits). In addition, it may also have a green roof, a rain garden or other rain-water harvesting techniques that can make the building ecologically sustainable and make the best use of natural reserves.

The practices involved in making green buildings can be different in different countries, but the main principles are the same. While creating a green building, the designers will make sure that it is energy efficient, water efficient, uses materials in a way that will not be harmful for the environment or will cause least damage, will help to improve the overall environment inside the house, will reduce all waste and toxic damage as much as possible, will try and use waste in the best way possible (such as keeping options for rainwater harvesting and composting), will have a green roof to create natural sources for turning carbon dioxide into oxygen and more such practices.

Now that you’re aware of what a green home is, here are six ways in which you can make sure that the home you are planning to make, or move into, is as eco-friendly and green as possible. If you’re already a green citizen who lives in a green home, do tell us all about it so that we can tell our readers about a real planetsaver like you!

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