Use Electric Mosquito Swatter Bat Instead Of Toxic Repellents


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We all hate the humming sound of mosquitoes, don’t we? Did you know that coils and liquid mosquito repellants can harm your health?

Liquid repellants are more than 95 percent kerosene. Yes, the same polluting petroleum derivative. But vaporizing it is not as harmful as burning it. In fact, mosquito coils are worse, and the smoke itself is quite uncomfortable. So, are there any green options to get rid of the dangerous mosquitoes?

Electric Mosquito Swatter Bat

These are shaped like badminton rackets. The oval part consists of a metal and plastic mesh through which electricity flows. It has a battery in the handle and retractable plug pins to charge the batteries from the mains supply. The switch is also located there.

How It Works

In simple terms, the electricity flows through the metal mesh and when a mosquito or a fly comes in contact, it gets electrocuted and a spark is produced. It works on the same principle as the insect killers that you see at most food shops and doesn’t use any chemical.

How To Use It

All you have to do is swing it where mosquitoes are and sparks will fly!


This is not a switch on and forget device like other repellents. You have to hunt the mosquitoes down, kind of like Pokemon Go, only more productive. Also, most are low quality Chinese goods, do not last longer than six months to a year, but are affordable enough to replace.


Only INR 150 to 200.

Other Options

Mosquito net is the greenest and healthiest option. This age old technique is very effective in keeping mosquitoes away. You can also put metal or plastic mosquito nets on your windows so that your home can be insect-free, and at the same time you can receive some breeze too. There are criss-cross varieties of these mesh nets that offer privacy.

Do not keep stagnant water anywhere. Place these natural repellents where mosquitoes are more prone to breed, mostly in dark, damp areas of your house.

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