4 Ways To ReUse Your Old Clothes


Most of us have clothes that are not really that old that we can’t wear them anymore, but maybe a little out of fashion, or too loose, and wearing it doesn’t look nice anymore. The most common things we do with those – tear them up and use as rags, hand it over to street kids, or simply throw away (I am guilty too!).

But not anymore. Did you know there is actually so much you can do with your old clothes that won’t just look super cool, but is also extremely functional and will let you reuse what you have and avoid creating unnecessary waste.

I came across this fun tutorial online and thought it would be great to share it here with you all. So here’s a quick look.

1. Halter Top From Old Tee – With this particular tutorial, you can create a fun halter top from your old and loose tee. It involves a very basic and tiny bit of sewing, and you don’t need any other accessories or tools to give your tee the desired makeover. A very basic tutorial that will help you make a fun and cool halter top.

2. Crop Top From Old Tee – Crop tops are the rage and if you have an old tee at home that is still in wearable condition, but you’re just too bored with it, this tutorial is just right for you. You can give your basic tee a funky makeover using the very easy steps mentioned here.

3. Graphic Message Tee From Plain Old Tee – Graphic tees have always been popular, and you can now create your own graphic tee from your old and plain tee. The best part about this is that you can choose your own message, design and style and make it the way you want, with very few and basic tools.

4. Pretty Bow From Old Shirt – If you have an old shirt at home that is too old to wear, why not recycle it and reuse as a pretty bow? You can make it for yourself, for your daughters, or if you have a bunch of old shirts lying at home, you can also make some of them for your friends.

You all know how much I love DIY, so I’m always on the lookout for more tutorials and such. If you’ve come across any such fun ideas, do share here in the comments or write in to me. And hey, if you’ve made any yourself or if you recreate the ones we shared here, make sure you click some pictures and send us.

Image source: Pexels

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