Air Purifer For Just ₹1300 #DIY

Air purifier DIY

Air pollution is no longer a Delhi and northern India problem. Recently, PM 2.5 levels in most parts of Mumbai were above the 300 mark which resulted in a similar smog like situation.

While air purifiers are one of the very few ways you can protect yourself from the toxic air, most commercial varieties start upwards of ₹8000. There is a simpler, extremely affordable alternative to this.

Did you know that most air purifiers are just a filter (or two) and a fan? The main filter is a HEPA filter which is highly efficient in trapping pollutants such as PM 2.5. The HEPA filter design was originally made by NASA and is now open source for all.

How To Build?

You need just two things:

  1. HEPA filter
  2. Table/Stand fan

    Fan with pre filter

    Fan with a pre-filter attached. Image Source: Author’s own.

You can buy a HEPA filter online on most e-commerce sites for as low as ₹1300. Prefer buying one that is large enough to cover your fan. All you have to do is strap or tie the HEPA filter to the front of your table or stand fan. Turn on the fan at the slowest speed and your room’s air will be filtered in some time. Do remember to close all doors and windows.

You will need one 10-14 inch HEPA filter and fan setup for a standard sized room. Keep multiple units for rooms bigger than 250 sqft. Some air purifiers come with pre-filters and are essential if the air quality is very poor in your area. Pre-filters can be washed and reused, but HEPA filters need to be replaced after they are choked with dust.

Smart Air Filters in Delhi sell DIY kits along with accessories for air purifiers. Their site has interesting data that shows how effective these setups are compared to big brands such as Philips, Blue Air, etc.

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