DIY Diaries: 5 Fun #ReUseCraftIdeas You Will Love


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Creating your own crafts and decor items that you can show off around the house is always a fun thing. It’s a great way to use your creativity, and if you have kids at home, you can use it to keep them engaged over the weekend. The fun part about this reuse DIY craft idea post is that you don’t really need to get anything from the market to make them. All you need are things that you already have at home, that you were probably going to throw away, but use them now in a new makeover avatar.

Ready to get creative and spill some paint?

Here Are 5 Fun Craft Ideas That Will Let You Re-Use Your ‘Waste’.


1. Plastic Bottle Danglers – All you need is lots of coloured plastic bottles (the more the merrier) and a sharp knife (make sure you supervise if your kids are trying this out). Start cutting the bottles to create long spiral strips. Once you have got all the spirals, tie them all together at one end to create a long hanging bunch. You can put this up next to a window to create a fun pattern when the sun shines in, or even add a small bell to make a cute wind chime.


2. Butterfly Wall Art – Bring out those old newspapers and a combination of contrast paint colours you want your design to be in. Cut out shapes from the newspapers that you want to show off on your wall. Now splash the colours on a sheet of old newspaper and put the cut-outs on the colours, so that the effects look natural and not painted. You can directly stamp these on the wall to make instant impressions, or make them on a chart paper or old cardboard and hang it up once done.


3. Rock Art – Open those old magazines and newspapers and cut out all images that are related to birthdays. Get a few rocks or stones from your garden, or if you don’t have any, you could also use lids from different sized bottles. Now place these all on a cardboard or an unused wooden board, and glue the same in the pattern shown in the image, or the way you want. You can also use the same method to create different types of art.


4. Wind Chime With Old Toy – If you have an old xylophone toy at home that is broken or does not work, take out the individual tubes and hang them up on a ribbon or string. Now put this up next to a window and that’s it.


5. Fabric Wall Art – Get out your old clothes and cut them in a desired pattern. Try and get the clothes in different colours, patterns and styles, so that you have a lot of interesting designs. Paste them on an old cardboard and cut out. Put them up in a corner wall to make your own wall art.

I absolutely loved these re-use craft ideas and am going to help my kids make them. If you or your kids make any, do send in the pictures 🙂

Image source: Pixabay

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