DIY Diaries: 5 Ways To Re-Use Old Toys


So in one of our earlier posts we told you about fun ways to reuse old plastic toys. If you have kids in the house, there’s never going to be a dearth of toys, plastic or otherwise. And let’s admit it, sometimes, even we, as adults, end up buying those cute toys we know we’re never going to use.

So what do we do instead of adding it to the never-ending pile of junk that is almost set to eat up our planet? Umm, maybe reuse and add some funky elements to the house décor as well. If you’d love to give it a shot, here are some ideas we’d love to bounce around.

1. Colorful Toy Magnets – Get the smallest of toys you can find around the house, including bits of old jigsaw puzzles and attach small pieces of magnets at the back with hot glue. You can easily find magnets in all sizes and shapes in local stationery stores. Once your toys are ready with the magnets, put them up on the fridge for some colorful display.

2. Toy Planters – If you have big sized toy trucks and toy automobiles with open spaces, use them to sit your planters in. You can either first paint them all in the same colour to make it look more coordinated, or let it be as it is to make it look colourful. Now put your planters in the toy and you are ready with a fancy planter stand that will look great indoors as well as outdoors.

3. Memory Card Wrapper Holder – Don’t throw away those cards from old memory game stacks. Instead, you can use them to attach the ends of wrapping papers while giving a gift. You could also use pieces of jigsaw puzzle in the same way and add a fun twist to the gift wrap.

4. Christmas Tree Decorations – Get all those old small toys and give them a nice makeover with some metallic paints. Choose colors such as silvers, golds, coppers and the like and let them dry completely. Once they are ready, tie across a piece of string and hang up on the Christmas tree as decorations.

5. Lamp Stand Artwork – Take a bunch of small toys and paint them all in the same colour, preferably metallic. Now start attaching them on the lamp shade stand using hot glue. Attach as many toys as you can to make it seem as if they are all moving upwards towards the light, or coming down from the light source.

We bet with all these ideas, you’re going to scour your home for all the old toys you can get your hands on. Keep doing that till we bring in some more ideas you can use to reuse. In the meanwhile, do share your ideas with us too. We have a lot of things to reuse too you see 🙂

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