DIY Diaries: 5 Ways To Reuse Old Plastic Toys



If you have kids around the house, chances are you’ll also have loads of plastic kids’ toys lying around. Quite a few of those toys may hold lovely memories, and you may not always want to throw them away. Also, it would mean creating more junk when there is already an abundance of junk out there.

Did you know that till date, every plastic item that has ever been made still exists because it is not bio-degradable? Wow!

So what else can we do with those plastic toys? We ‘toyed’ with a few ideas and here’s what we thought is worth giving a shot:

1. Use As Holders On The Dining Table – Okay, so you will surely have some small knickknacks that end up on the dining table, such as small salt shakers, napkins, coasters and the like. Use old plastic toys, such as a toy bus or a toy car with an open space, to store the same. Not only will it look cute, your younger kids would love to sit and eat at the table while playing.

2. Decorate Your Bookshelves – A lovely way to give your plain bookshelf a makeover will be to add bits and pieces of toys here and there. If your kid has any old figurine collection you can show it off by adjusting on your bookshelf. Little plastic soldiers guarding the books!

3. Car Artwork – Take out your kid’s collection of old plastic toys and assemble on some board you can hang on the wall. Place one car in the center and start arranging the other toys around it to make a big circle. Use hot glue to hold them all in place. Once done, let it dry overnight and hang up on the wall in the morning. It would make a great focus piece on any wall.

4. Plastic Blocks As Hangers – Admit it, we find so many odd pieces of plastic toy blocks around the house that we barely know what to do with those, right? Here’s a chance to use them! Get some chunky blocks and secure them with hot glue behind your door. Attach spare keys on ribbons and place them on the hooks for easy access.

5. Cute Planters – Have any dinosaur or other funky animal plastic toys? Use them to accessorize your indoor planters or even your pots on the balcony or garden area. Your kids will love giving those toys a shower as they help you water the plants.

There’s so much and a lot lot more you can do with those old annoying bits of plastic (and any other) toys lying around the house that your kids don’t seem to want anymore. Come back in your next coffee or tea break for more such cute ideas, especially the ones that will help you reuse.

Till then, if you’ve got any such ideas that you’ve tried or heard about, let us know. We could read some in our tea time too right? 🙂

Image source: Pixabay

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