DIY Diaries: 8 Ways To ReUse Old Plastic Bottles


We all have an abundance of plastic bottles at home that we end up getting from here and there, and the easiest way to dispose them is to throw them in the waste bin.

But instead of adding to the plastic junk pile, here are a few fun ways you could reuse your old and empty plastic bottles to make cute and innovative things around the house. I came across this super interesting video and loved the ideas, and I’m sure you’ll love it too. Have a look.

1. Funky Plastic Bottle Pencil Pouch – Cut one bottle a little above the middle part and another a little below the middle part. Close a zipper strip and glue it around the cut part of the bottle that you cut above the middle. Now open the strip and glue in the remaining base part that you have from the other cut bottle (point 1 in the video).

2. Cute Candy Gift Wrap – Cut a plastic bottle from the middle. Make petal shaped cuts from the cut edge towards the bottom (but not all the way to the bottom) to make a cute flower shape. Fill with candies and wrap with a ribbon (point 2 in the video).

3. Tortoise Coin Holder – Cut a bottle towards the base and use its round part to draw a circle on a wiping sponge. Make the suggested shapes on the sponge and cut. Use the marker to make marks and eyes as shown. Make a slit in the sponge and use as a coin holder (point 3 in the video).

4. Planter Candy Holders – Cut the bottom part from two bottles and melt them on a hot iron to glue together to each other. Take the discarded part of the bottle and cut out a leaf shape and a long strip. Melt them on the iron to turn into a cute planter. You can use them to store candies (point 5 in the video).

5. Candle Stand – Cut one bottle a little above the middle part and another just below the mouth. Hot glue both the mouths to each other and wrap the middle part with a ribbon. Use as a candle holder (point 6 in the video).

6. Stationery Holder – Cut out three bottles just below the middle part and melt them on a hot iron to smoothen the edges. Decorate with ribbons and other items and use as stationery holders (point 7 in the video).

7. Mobile Holder – Cut a bottle just below the mouth, make the suggested shape (point 8 in the video) and cut along. You can use it to hold your mobile phone around the socket as it charges.

8. Bag Seal – Cut a bottle just below the mouth and open the lid. Loop it through the opening of any bag that holds something, place the lid on the other side and seal it (point 9 in the video).

Aren’t these fun? I am definitely going to try some of these at home, and if you do too, or have your own ideas, make sure to send in some pictures to share with our readers 🙂

Image source: Freeimages

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