#DIYDiaries #ReUse 4 Fun Things To Do With Empty Plastic Bottles


We can never talk enough about what all you can do with empty plastic bottles (the simple reason is that there are just so many of them out there!). Try as we might, there is no escaping these plastic bottles, and if you have them at home, instead of throwing them away and sending them to the already huge landfill, a better alternative is to reuse them and create some fun things you could use around the house. So here are a few fun things you can do with empty plastic bottles, that are easy and nice to look at as well.

I found this really fun DIY video online and it’s so worth a watch!

Video Source: YouTube channel ILoveTech

1. Waterproof Durable Containers – Use a cutter to cut off the bottles from two bottles right where the caps and the mouth end. Now apply hot glue to the edges and glue both the caps together. You can either use different coloured bottles to create lots of such small holders, or paint them on the outside. Once ready, use it to store tiny items that get easily misplaced, such as pins. You can also fill them with small candies and take on the go. Or use it as a salt or pepper shaker too!

2. Zippered Plastic Holder – Cut off the bottoms from two bottles using a pair of strong scissors to get a bowl shaped container. Now take the zipper part from old bags or pouches that are no longer in use (yes, it’s a good idea to save those zippers). Glue them on the inside of the plastic cut bowl. Make sure you do it in such a way that the zipper holding area is easily accessible. Now open the zipper and glue the other end to the inside part of the other plastic cut bowl. Once it’s done, you will have something like a cute zippered plastic holder. You can use it as a coin bowl for the home or even for your handbag, store your knick-knacks in it, keep it on your work desk, use it to carry medicines on the go, use it to carry boiled eggs to work for a healthy snack, let your child use it as a piggy bank and more!

Alternatively, you can also cut the bottles to get one tall and one small cup and recreate the zippered holder thing to hold taller stuff.

3. Makeup Brush Or Stationery Holder – Cut out the bottles from the middle part so that you have a sizeable amount to work with. Decorate the same using different decorating items, such as glitter sheets, ribbons, stick-on jewels and more.

4. Desktop Planters – Cut off the bottles at the middle section so that you have the part with the lid attached. Turn it over and glue the lid part to the middle of old CDs. Spray paint to give it a neat and finished look. Use it as a planter for low-maintenance plants that you can have on your desktop, such as cacti, or decorate with artificial flowers or use as a vase.

There are a few more ideas in the video that are best seen than read, so make sure you check them out and try if you like 🙂

Image source: Pexels

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