#DIYDiaries #ReUse Lamps Out Of Waste Paper Cups


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We all have a bunch of paper cups at home that end up lying unused, and finally go to the waste bin. Instead of just throwing them away, here is a very easy DIY tutorial that will show you how you can transform a plain paper cup into a beautiful lamp!

You Will Need

  • 12 paper cups of the same size
  • A pair of scissors
  • A tape measure
  • Any strong glue
  • A pencil
  • Clear tape – optional
  • Binder clips – optional
  • LED light

How To Make

  • Place the tape measure below the rim of the cup and measure its circumference. Whatever number you get, divide by five.
  • Take the pencil and make a spot where you first place the measuring tape. Place the next mark on the divided number (see the video) and continue accordingly.
  • Draw a vertical line from each mark about one cm in length. Cut on the same.
  • Fold the paper cups outwards through each cut area and press down well to create a prominent crease. Do this with all 12 cups.
  • Join two cups together along one crease and press firmly to make sure it sticks together. Take a third cup and add it to another crease with one of the cups. You will have to keep sticking them together like this to make a huge lamp shade. Use the binder clips to help you hold the cups in place.
  • Just before you add the last cup, insert the light. Add the last cup in place. You can also add the last one using tape, so that it is easier to replace the bulb when needed.

Here’s the super easy video guide for the same

video source: YouTube channel EzyCraft

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