#DiyDiaries #ReUse Old CDs To Make A Beautiful Ganesha Wall Art


Almost all of us still have loads of old CDs lying about the house, and in most cases, we simply end up throwing them away as waste. But did you know that you can use your plain old CDs to create a host of stunning objects that will not only reduce the amount of wastage, but give you the best use out of your CDs, as well as create beautiful art around the house.

Ganpati celebrations will begin soon, so instead of showing you any other craft idea, I wanted to first share this very interesting and easy to make craft tutorial that makes a beautiful Ganpati out of old CDs. Here’s the original video and I will also share the steps below. Take a look.

You Will Need

  • Old CDs
  • Black and white paints and a brush
  • Glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sequins for decorating
  • Cellotape
  • Thread

How To Make

  • Use the black paint to make the eyes and white paint to make the three lines on Ganesha’s forehead. Set aside till it is completely dry.
  • Now take two CDs and cut them into half. Take one part of the CD and make a V at the top. This will form Ganesha’s trunk. Glue it to the face as shown.
  • Glue the other two halves on both sides of the face to make the ears.
  • Take all the remaining pieces from the CDs and glue them on the back of the head, to make a sort of crown. Also use the small triangle that you cut out to make the trunk – that way, you use every bit of the CDs. Add the sequins to decorate the Ganesha.
  • Create a loop using the piece of thread and cellotape and attach it at the back of the craft. Let it hold for some time before hanging up on the wall.

Video source: YouTube channel Fundoodaa TV for Kids

Image source: FreeImages

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