#DIYdiaries Use A Bottle To Save Water In Your Toilet Flush


If you have an old two-piece cistern, chances are that it is using more than ten litres of water per flush. While low-flow and dual flush cisterns are the best bet to save water, they cost money and require professional fitting service. There is a very simple way by which you can save around a litre of water per flush.

What Do I Need?

All you need is an empty bottle or two, and a few pebbles. Add the pebbles or any weight (absolutely anything that is slightly heavy and can go inside the bottle) into the bottle. Weight is essential so that the bottle doesn’t float on water. Then fill it with water and tightly close the cap. This water will stay permanently inside the bottle. Open the lid of your cistern. It is usually the whole top part. It is not screwed, so you can just lift it. Then place the bottle inside the cistern tank, somewhere there is no obstruction.

How Does It Work And How Much Water Can I Save?

The idea is that every time you flush, the volume of water displaced by the bottle is saved. If the bottle used is one litre one, then you save one litre per flush. I have used two smaller 400ml bottles as it fits my cistern better. You can mix and match too. The more bottles you add, the more water you save. A family of four can save around 20 litres of water in a day, and that is enough water for one person’s bath. You also prevent plastic bottles from reaching landfills. After adding the bottles into the tank, check if the amount of water flushed is sufficient or not.

Instead of bottles, you can use any heavy sealed object that will not float on water, such as a brick. But make sure it is not too heavy that the cistern can’t support the weight.

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