The No Washing Machine Clothes Wash Trick


You may think we’re asking you to go back to that ancient method of washing clothes in a bucket and beating them with that small bat-like thing that you may remember your mother or an elder family member doing when you were young. If you’re really thinking like that, wait!

There are other far easier and convenient ways in which you can wash your clothes without using a washing machine. In fact, did you know that when you choose to not use a washing machine, you will save on a lot of water wastage, as well as reduce your bills for electricity and water usage?

Plus, if you also use a dryer for your clothes (even if it’s inbuilt in your machine), it means you’re using up a bigger amount of energy to dry and heat up your clothes.

To try out this easy no washing machine method, you can use your sink or a big sized bucket, and preferably use a homemade laundry detergent. You will also need a clothesline to dry your clothes.

How To

Fill up the sink or bucket with regular temperature water and add the detergent. Put the clothes inside and let them soak for a few hours (overnight if you can). You can also stir the clothes if you feel like. Drain out the water (reuse if possible) and soak the clothes in clean water for a few hours or overnight. Drain again and hang the clothes in sunlight and air to help them dry up naturally.

You can watch this video to understand more about the same.

Image source: Pixabay

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