Convert Your AC Into An Air Purifier for Just 400 Rupees

Ac with air purifier filter

AC with air purifying filter installed. Image: Author’s own.

Commercial air purifiers are expensive, start around 7000-8000 INR. Last month, we had shown you a simple DIY way to attach a HEPA filter to a fan for just 1300 INR. Now we have another way that is even cheaper. Please note that while the former way is as effective as commercial air purifiers, that is, it can remove around 97% of PM 2.5, this method is around 83% efficient.

What Do I Need?

An air conditioner and air purifying filters for air conditioners. 3M and a few other companies make a filter that you can attach/stick over your existing air conditioner’s filter and convert your AC to an air purifier. You can find these online on Amazon and other e-commerce stores by searching for air purifier filters for AC.

3M air purifying filter for AC

Air purifying filter for AC by 3M. Image: Author’s own.

Can I Install It Myself?

Yes, all you have to do is remove the cover of your AC that you do to clean the filters. Remove the filters and clean them by using water and a brush. You may also use a toothbrush and wipe off the metal fins exposed, but do so vertically else the fins can bend. A cleaner filter will increase the air flow and reduce your electricity bills. After cleaning the filters, wipe them dry.

Air purifier filter attached to AC filter

3M filter on AC’s filter stuck by tape. Image: Author’s own.

Stick the new air purifying filters on top of the existing filters. It won’t cover the entire area. Install the filters back and close the cover. Now you can run your AC in the fan mode and this will trap the pollutants in some time. Do not worry, running the AC in fan mode will consume power similar to your normal fans. Do remember to close your doors and windows. Do note that the air flow will be reduced by a bit, so you can also cut the filter and attach a smaller one to have a balance between airflow and purification.

Ac with air purifier filter attached

AC with one air purifying filter attached. Image: Author’s own.

How Much Does It Cost?

The electrostatic filter by 3M costs just 400 rupees for split ACs. This is the cheapest way to have an air purifier.

Is It Available for Window ACs?


How Long Will It Last?

It depends on the pollution levels. You can dust it off once it is clogged. You will have to replace it with new ones once every 3-6 months.

Is It Necessary For My City?

Air pollution is a slow killer and is responsible for a lot of respiratory diseases. Delhi’s infamous smog has made it one of the most polluted cities in the world. According to government data, most cities in northern India have toxic air, especially in winter. The problem is not limited to the north. Recently, Mumbai despite being a coastal city recorded toxic AQI levels. You can search for government data on the air quality levels in your area. If it is not available, then you can purchase a laser-based air quality monitor for around 5k rupees. If you do not want to spend that much, just stick these filters, clean air is definitely not bad for health.

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