DIY Diaries: 5 Natural Pesticides For A Kitchen Garden

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When you’re trying to grow an organic kitchen garden at home, the last thing you need is pests and chemical-laden pesticides to remove those bugs. However, a better option is to make some natural pesticides at home, which needs very basic ingredients and hardly any time to make.

The best part about such pesticides is that they are also very effective and will not harm your plants in any way. Here are a few organic pesticide recipes you can try at home.

5 Natural Pesticides You Can Make With Kitchen Ingredients

1. Onion Spray – Store all your onion peels and bits instead of throwing them off and keep storing in the refrigerator till you have a good amount. Now add it all in a pan and fill with water. Heat the onion and water mix but turn the heat off before it reaches a boiling point. Remove from heat and let the onion pieces and bits remain in the water for about six to seven days, preferably in the sun. Strain the water and use it to spray on the insects and plants. You can also use the onion pieces to add in the soil of those plants that are prone to spider and pest attacks.

2. Garlic Tea – Boil half a litre of water and add a handful of roughly chopped garlic cloves. Let it steep in the water for some time and turn off the heat. Let the garlic stay in the water till it cools down to room temperature. Strain the water and use it as a natural insecticide spray.

3. Salt Spray – Take about five and half litres of warm water and about three tbsp. of salt and mix it all up. Once the salt dissolves, let it reach room temperature before pouring in a spray bottle.

4. Homemade Soap Spray – Mix about one and half tbsp. of any homemade liquid soap, about a litre of water and a few drops of lemon or orange essential oil. Pour it all in an empty spray bottle and shake well. Once ready, you can spray it on your plants, including on the leaves.

5. Baking Soda And Oil Spray – Take a cup of warm water and add a tbsp. of baking soda as well as ½ tsp of any oil, but preferably neem oil if you can get it (easily available at local pharmacies). Mix till the soda is completely dissolved and there are no lumps. Add more warm water to make it into a spray consistency liquid. Now pour in an old spray bottle and use on your plants.

Remember that even though all these insecticides are homemade and organic, and contain no chemicals, they will still kill the bugs, sometimes even the ones that may be good for your plants. To make sure that your plants grow well, use insecticides sparingly. Also, as these are all natural, make them in smaller quantities that you can make and use within a day or two, so that it does not go to waste.

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