DIY Diaries: 5 Ways To ReUse Your Old Glass Jars

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Yes, we know those mason jars are really cute, but what do you do when they turn really old? Just throw them out right?

Well, if that’s you’ve been doing, not only are you adding unnecessary waste to the pile that already exists, but you are throwing away some great material you could use to create some amazing things for around the house. Don’t believe us? See what we’ve got.

How To Reuse Your Old Mason Jars To Create These Stunning Pieces

1. As A Hanging Planter – Take an old mason jar and wrap old wool yarn around it in knots to create a fun design and also use the same to hang up the jar. Now fill up the jar a little less than halfway with soil. Add your plant inside and sprinkle with water. You can hang it up in a corner wall or outside your window, or even your balcony. You can also use it as a show piece by adding colourful stones or marbles instead of soil and any artificial plant.

2. Carry Along Salad Jar – Mason jars make great containers for salads especially for those times when you’re on the go. Cut up a bunch of fruits or vegetables and layer them in the jar, along with the dressing you want to add. Close the lid and that’s it. Not only will it be healthier to carry your own fresh salad from home, you’ll save money by not having to buy outside food, and will also avoid buying more plastic container (as a takeaway).

3. Gift It To A Friend – When your mason jar becomes old, give it a new life by painting the outside in bright colors. Next, add a few travel sized wellness products inside, such as pot pouri oil, roll on wellness scents and so on and gift it to a friend.

4. Herb Garden Planter – Use multiple mason jars to create a vertical herb garden if you’re short on space. Plant your herbs inside, by adding soil and the herb that you want, and set it up on a wall. To do so, make a base by using any repurposed wooden board (maybe from an old table) and add hooks or attachments where you can place the jars.

5. Kiddie Piggie Bank – If you have kids at home, set them to work by letting them paint the mason jars and lids in colours and prints of their choice. Once done, let it dry completely. Make a slit in the lid through which they can push in the coins in their new designer piggy banks.

6. Tea Lighters – Keep all your old mason jars on a side table and add a tea light inside. Use it as your candle stand instead of buying new ones. You could also paint the jars if you want a coloured effect.

Isn’t it fun? Well, I still have not owned a mason jar, as I already have my very old glass mugs from time immemorial. But if you’re a mason jar lover and have a bunch of them at home, do try these out and let me know what reuse idea you used with yours!

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