DIY Diaries: 8 Re-Use Ideas For A Stunning Home Garden

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Having a cozy home with a garden seems a luxury, but do you know it’s easier to create one in the limited space you have and that too with your used items?

Creating a patch of green can help nurture our earth, is a natural way to keep your home cool and make it look beautiful, and is also a great way to turn your ‘waste’ items into something stunning. So, here are just some items you don’t have to throw in the garbage, but use as a décor item instead.

1. Potted Garden In Used Tires – Cut off the top part from an old tire and do the same with a smaller one. Color with spray paint, let them dry and stack on top of one another to make a pot. Decorate as you wish.

2. Plants In A Tire On The Wall – Get the tires ready in the same way as we explained in the above point. You can attach it to your balcony or house wall, fill the base with mud and seeds as you would in a pot and water as you do in a plant pot.

3. Hanging Garden In Old Tins – Color your old tins in any metallic shade of your choice, such as metallic gold, silver or copper. Make holes on the sides and hang them up in chains, which you can then use to hang up on your wall or ceiling with a big hook. To add some design, write the name of each plant on the pot. It’s also a great way to create a fun kitchen garden outside the window.

4. Gum Boots Garden – Instead of throwing away those old gum boots, use different pairs to create a mix and match of colors and use them as a planting base. Hang them up on the wall or hook them up on your balcony and start planting!

5. Bicycle Wheels – If you have old bicycle wheels, join them to one another to make a semi-circle sort of a structure. Once it is in place, set it up in one corner of your balcony, porch or any corner in an open area. Use it to plant vines and make your very own shaded sitting area.

6. Empty Plastic Bottles – Fill up your empty bottles with soil and close the lid firmly. Hang them up on the wall and make cuts on the sides to add the plants. You will have a colorful and neat horizontal garden on your wall.

7. Old Chandelier Pots – If you have an unused chandelier in the house, you can now turn it into a hanging garden on the ceiling. Just use the base of each chandelier holding as you would use a pot and fill it up with soil, then start planting.

8. Old Hardcover Books As Planters – Apply a thick layer of glue on the side of the book to make sure the pages are bound together. Let it set overnight. Open the front cover and start cutting a square in the middle of the page. Keep going till the middle section of the book. Line the cut area with parchment paper to prevent any water leakage. You can also add a layer of gravel. Place a cactus in the middle and add soil around it to give a firm base. If it is too small and is not yet grown, place it towards the side to give support. Cut off the parchment from the sides after planting. Place them next to a direct source of sunlight and spray a little water every week.

This was just one part of the awesome things you can create out of your supposed ‘waste.’ We’ll come back with more, but in the meanwhile, we’d love for you to send us your DIY ideas, so that we could share it with all the readers out there. It’s time to share more greenery, right?

Image source: Pixabay

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