DIY Diaries: Coconut Shell Art


Most Indian homes use coconut as part of their daily or regular use, either as an offering during religious rituals or everyday prayers, or as a regular part of cooking. But what do you do with all those empty shells? Throw them in the bin of course, right?

Well, if you’re willing to cut down the waste and instead put the shells to some good use, there are a host of fun things you could create. Here are just a few of our favourites that we’d love to share today!

1. Succulent Planter – Cut the coconut towards the top to keep the shell deep. Fill it with decorative gardening items such as small pebbles, marbles or even soil and add succulents (cacti). As the shells won’t stand, you can buy some inexpensive plant holding stands (easily available at street-side nurseries) and place the shells in them. Alternatively, you could make holes on the sides and hang them up in your window or balcony area.

2. Santa Faces – Store as many coconut shells as you can till Christmas season and set your children to work on making cute Santa faces out of the shells. The best shells for this craft will be the green tender coconut shells. Your kids can colour the shells using red, white and green colour to make a Santa face and cap. Set them aside to dry, attach a string on the top and hang about the house. Or place them on side tables and sturdy surfaces so that they do not roll over.

3. Lamp Shade – Drill small holes all over the shell so that they are absolutely see-through. Now paint the shell if you wish, or add a coat of varnish to give it a glowing effect. These are optional steps and you can simply use the shell as it is for a rustic look. Once done, attach a cord and bulb through the top, so that the shell acts as a lamp shade. Hang it up and switch on the light!

4. Rustic Pendant – Break the shell to get a piece which is bigger than the size of the final product you want to make. Use sand paper to smoothen both the sides of the shell. Now make a shape on the inner side of the shell and cut it using a sharp object. Make a small hole where you want to loop through the necklace or bracelet. Melt a tbsp. of coconut oil and place the shell in it for about half a minute or so, to make it a little darker and shinier. Take it out and wipe away the excess oil. Attach it to your bracelet or necklace cord.

5. Bird Feeder – Make holes on each side of the shells. Attach loops and string them together in such a way that you can have three to four different bowls. Hang the bowls up in a corner of your balcony or your window and fill them up with bird food. You’ll love the little visitors who fly in each day!

Like I said earlier, there’s actually a lot you can do with empty coconut shells, depending on how much time and effort you want to give. These were the easiest ones and I promise I’ll come back with more. Maybe you could come back with your tender coconut drink and read as you sip on 🙂

Image source: Pixabay

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