How To Fold Plastic Bags And Store Them Easily

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Image source: Author’s own

Plastic bags are a huge threat to the environment, but nonetheless, we end up having loads of them at home. Maybe you’ve stopped taking any new plastic bags from the stores, but what about the old ones that you have? Being clumsy to store, we usually end up stuffing them somewhere, but they always end up looking messy and lying about the house.

Instead of stashing them away, we have a simple way to help you fold your plastic bags in a way that will require less space and make it easier to manage.

How To Fold Plastic Bags

  1. As shown in the image, straighten the plastic bag by spreading it over a hard surface such as a kitchen counter top. Flatten it so that there is no air left inside.
  2. Fold the plastic bag vertically at the middle so that one side perfectly overlaps the other. Flatten and remove air.
  3. Repeat the same process again and make another fold. Do not forget to flatten with your hands. Once the air is removed, it will be easier to fold into triangles.
  4. Make a triangular fold at the base as shown in the image.
  5. Fold the triangle up and keep folding till you reach the top. Keep pressing to remove the air.
  6. Insert the extra piece into a fold inside the triangle fold and you will have a small manageable folded plastic bag which you can even store in your pocket or bag.

You can now store these folded bags in an empty tissue paper box and take out when needed. We recommend storing one set of plastic bags near your shoe stand so that you do not forget to carry a bag when you go out to shop. Also store one or two in your handbag, office bag, car, scooter, and office desk. Reusing old plastic bags is the best way to avoid new ones being made and filling up landfills or choking our drains.

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