DIY Diaries: Organic Pesticide Using Vegetables


Looking for an effective pesticide that will keep those unwanted garden visitors away and be gentle on mother nature too? If you’re like us and are always looking for ways to make things cleaner and greener (read natural), then this DIY is just for you.

The pesticide that you’ll make with this recipe is not going to harm the environment, yet give you the desired results. So let’s just share it with you right away.

How To Make An Organic Pesticide With Vegetables

Pour about four liters water in a big pan. Chop two onions, a clove of garlic and a jalapeno pepper. Put all the vegetables in the blender and make a paste. Now add the paste in the pan of water and start boiling it. Let it all boil properly and sit in the water for some more time so that all the odours can mix in properly with the water. Once the water cools down to room temperature, strain it and pour in small quantities in multiple spray bottles (you can make a big batch and use it for some time). In the same bottles, add about two tbsps. of any homemade washing liquid.

To store the organic pesticide, store the bottles in the fridge and use up within two weeks. If you feel you won’t be able to use it that fast, make a smaller amount. After draining the liquid, collect the waste and throw it in your compost bin.

The pesticide will not kill the insects but will only repel them with the strong odour. To make the best use, repeat it for at least four to five days in a row. Garlic and onions have strong antibacterial effects. However, when you use them as a pesticide, they have a non-toxic yet repelling effect. The strong heat from the jalapeno will keep your pests away.

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