DIY Diaries: Re-Use Your Old Jeans To Create These!


We absolutely love our denims, and the older they become, the softer and more special they grow. But still, you can’t really fill up your entire wardrobe with old denims, right? I mean, there are always a few pairs that become too over worn even by jeans standards, or the size may not fit as comfortably as you want.

So what do you do? Throw them away as trash? Well, if you really love those blues (or black, green or whatever your denim shade is), we may be able to help you retain and re-use those jeans to create some fun things! Plus it saves creating more junk too aha!

1. Cute Coin Pouch – Cut out the back pocket from your jeans, including a little bit of the waistband above as well. Make a few holes around the pocket but below the waistband. String in ribbons or any type of string of your choice and use it to make a cute loop. Decorate the pouch using fabric colours. Let it dry. The waistband will fall over like a flap and add a nice twist to the pouch.

2. Denim Wristlet – Cut out the inseam from an old pair of jeans (it is the thin line sort of thing that runs down straight at the sides of your jeans). Cut it to such a length that it will easily wrap around the wrist and will not be too lose or tight. Take two ribbon crimps (tiny rectangular looking metal clasps you will easily find at craft stores) and attach them very tightly with pliers at both the ends. Attach a jump ring and clasp at one end and attach a few jump rings at the other end to give a sort of size adjustment option. You can add a charm too.

3. Short Skirt – If your jeans are still in wearable condition, at least the top half, why not convert it into a short skirt? All you’ll have to do is cut off the top portion of the skirt till the part where the zippered portion ends. To extend the length of the skirt and make it wearable, attach any fabric at the bottom (sew it up) and wrap it with some beautiful lace.

4. Funky Pillows – Cut out bits and parts from your denim and add it on an existing cushion cover, preferably white if your denims are blue, or any other contrasting colour. Try and take the pockets too to add that extra fun element. You can either sew them on or attach with fabric glue.

5. Denim Skirt Place Mats – Wait, did you realize your old denim skirts could turn into designer place mats? Cut off the top part of your denim skirt so that you have the loops and the pocket intact. Spread it out to a size that is bigger than the plates you’ll be using and cut in square shapes. You can beautify it by adding lace or any other fabric design idea of your choice. Once ready, set it up and use the pocket to store the knives and spoons.

We absolutely love our denims, we almost live in them, so it’s no wonder we’d love to hear more such ideas where we can reuse our old pairs. If you think your ideas should also be here, write in to us and voila – it shall be done 🙂

Image source: Pixabay

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