#ConserveWaterMonth Can Grey Water Be Recycled At Home?


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Grey water is the non-toilet waste water that you get after washing clothes, taking baths, from use in the kitchen and so on. It has many uses and can be used for flushing, gardening, and cleaning. Fresh water is scarce, and by using grey water, you will easily be able to reduce your water consumption by half.

Why Waste Fresh Water On Poop?

Flushing is the best way to use grey water. The easiest way to do that without any plumbing is to collect the water from your washing machine outlet in a bucket. Fill this water in your cistern and flush whenever you need. You do not have to treat the water for this.

Toilet Top Sinks

These sinks are mounted on top of the cistern. The waste water gets filled in the cistern and this is used for flushing. These amazing sinks are popular in Japan, but are not easy to find in India yet. There are a few DIY ways to do this, I’ll talk about that later.

Laundry To Landscape

Grey water can be nutritious for your plants but becomes pollutant when it mixes with sewage water or is released into fresh water rivers and lakes. So it makes sense to reuse it. You do not need any treatment for using grey water for gardening, but you have to make sure that the detergents, soaps and shampoos you use are phosphate-free. Use organic and biodegradable products to be on the safe side. You can connect your bath, sink, washing machine water outlets to your garden directly. Dig a mulch basin around your plants and connect your kitchen water outlet to it. Add a few wood chips to the basin for decomposition. If you have a small balcony garden, collect the water in buckets and use whenever required.

Complete System

Calculate the amount of water you need for flushing and gardening, and also how much you generate in a day from washing, baths and kitchen. Collect all grey water that is generated in small tanks, and pump them to an overhead grey water tank. You have to make separate plumbing for flushing. Use thick pipes and screen filters (optional) to prevent the grey water pipelines from getting clogged due to hair, grease and other organic particles in the grey water.

Also, do not store grey water for longer duration as it may emit foul odour.

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