DIY Diaries: Compost Tea For Home Plants


Making your own kitchen garden at home is a great way to save on money, as well as ensure that you get fresh vegetables and do as less harm to the environment as possible (no use of fertilizers or pesticides).

But how do you ensure that your plants grow well and do not get attacked by pests, even if you do not add any fertilizers or pesticides?

Compost tea is a mix of homemade compost (preferably, even though you can get compost at gardening stores) and some other ingredients that you can very easily make at home. It will also help you to use up the wet kitchen waste, and is a good way to reuse and reduce more waste. If you’d like to try it out, here is an easy recipe that will help you make compost tea at home.

Benefits Of Compost Tea

Compost tea is a healthy and nutrition rich food for your soil. It will help your plants grow healthy and well without the need of any additional chemicals. It is in fact a liquid organic fertilizer for your plants that you can create right out of the waste that you produce in your kitchen. Using compost tea for your plants will also increase the size and amount of blooms that your plants produce. One of the biggest benefit is also the fact that it will reduce the need to use any toxic-filled fertilizers that are harmful for insects, plants, wildlife and even humans, when they get mixed up in the soil, water and air. And yet another benefit – you save money too!

How To Make Compost Tea At Home

You need some rich compost to brew your own compost tea at home. If you haven’t done it yet, you can check out how to make your own compost at home. In addition, you will need a few buckets, some water and some straining cloth to strain the tea.

  1. Fill up an old bucket or container more than halfway with compost. Add water so that it fills up till the top.
  2. Let this mix stay for at least four to five days. You can place a lid on top to hold in the stench, and place it in a corner in your balcony or on your roof. Do give it a stir in between to make it mix properly.
  3. Now strain out the liquid and put the remaining solid waste in your compost bin, or in your plants (they too are filled with natural goodness).
  4. Add water to the strained liquid in a 10:1 ratio, where water is ten parts and the compost tea is one part. Add it immediately to your plants so that it gets absorbed nicely.

Image source: Pixabay

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