#DIYDiaries: Organic Neem Insecticide For Your Plants

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Making an organic neem insecticide for your plants is a good way to take care of your greens, and ensure you do not have to use any harmful chemical laden products in the house for the same. One thing that you will have to remember is that the neem insecticide will not work instantly on your plants, but will gradually remove the insects.

How Does It Work

Once you start spraying the plant with neem oil insecticide, it goes inside the soil and roots and steeps in there. As the insects come to feed on the plant, they inhale the oil. The properties of neem disrupt the hormonal system of the insects, which makes them feel less hungry and eat less. As a result, they will start attacking your plants less and less. It also affects their ability to mate and reproduce, causing a gradual decline in their numbers.

How To Make Your Own Neem Pesticide At Home

You can follow the basic 5 ml neem oil for 1 litre of water ratio and increase it if you want to make more. However, the insecticide can be used for up to eight hours after making, so make an amount you know you will be able to use up.

You Will Need

  • 1 tsp of pure, cold pressed neem oil (it is easily available in local pharmacy stores as well as online)
  • 1 or 2 ml of any type of detergent (you can also use homemade detergent)
  • 1 litre of warm water

How To Prepare

  • Mix the water and the detergent and make sure it is completely dissolved. Now slowly add the oil and keep stirring the mix.
  • Keep mixing for quite some time till you can see that everything is properly mixed up.
  • Now pour this into an empty spray bottle and shake it well.

How To Use

  1. Make sure you spray the solution on all the leaves of the plant and also in the areas where insects generally tend to hide. After doing this for all your plants, if you still have some left, spray it on the soil. If you want to first try it out, spray the insecticide and see for a day or two how your plant is. If you notice nothing wrong with the plant, you can make the spray again and start using it more regularly.
  2. For the first few times, use the spray sparingly the first time and also drench the soil with it. Keep using it for at least once a week till you see a marked difference in the number of insects. For rainy seasons, you will have to spray more often.
  3. To be safe, spray the insecticide about once each fortnight to make sure the insects keep getting affected. It will prevent them from coming back and gradually, they will stop coming completely.
  4. In case you feel it is not working and some insects are still coming back, increase the concentration a bit and see how it works.

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