#ConserveWaterMonth Drip Irrigate Your Plants Using An Old Plastic Bottle


I am assuming that none of us likes to see our potted plants wither or wilt because we forgot to water it. This happens mostly in summers, and our country being close to the equator, sees a lot of hot days. Some plants dry quickly in the sun and require watering twice a day. But don’t worry. There is a simple DIY way to make sure that your plants get water even if you forget it in your busy daily schedule.

The technique is similar to the efficient water saving drip irrigation method used in agriculture. For your home plants, you can use a simple plastic bottle hung upside down that will help to water the plants in a continuous and gradual manner.

Things You Need:

  1. Old plastic bottle (2 litres or more)
  2. Knife
  3. Sharp pins or something to make holes in the plastic bottle (optional)

How To Setup The Drip:

  1. Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle using a knife.
  2. You can either make holes in the cap using sharp pins or just loosen it a bit to let the water drop onto the plant below. Try loosening the cap first. If it doesn’t hold well, only then make the holes.
  3. Hang the bottle upside down above your plant and fill water through the cut part. You can use a kitchen water for this.
  4. Check if the flow rate of the drops is enough or not. Remember, this method will water your plant constantly, so making smaller outlets for the drops is a better idea.

The bigger the bottle you use, the lesser you’ll need to monitor. You can also bury the bottle till its midway into the soil, if you want the water to directly reach the roots. Adjust the hole sizes accordingly as they are bound to get clogged after coming in contact with the soil. This is also a good way to add fertilizers. This drip irrigation technique is great for growing vegetables such as tomatoes which require a lot of water. Try this out and let us know if this water saving technique made your life simpler and your plants happier 🙂

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