#ReUse Things You Can Use To Grow Plants In


Plant wrapped in toilet paper. Image Source: Flickr

You don’t always have to buy pots for your plants. Here are some things you might have lying around in your house and can very well reuse to plant pots:

1. Old Plastic Containers

Plastic is not easy to recycle and what better way to green it other than using it to grow a plant. Make sure the container is deep enough for your plant. Most plants need a 12 inch diameter pot, while small indoor plants can grow in smaller ones too. Also, make holes at the bottom to drain the excess water out.

2. Thermocol (Polystyrene or Styrofoam)


Thermocol, the light weight popular packaging material, is an environmental hazard. Burning thermocol produces toxic fumes. It is one of the toughest types of plastics to recycle, so a great way is to reuse them for plants. Pick one with a good depth or use two of them and remove the bottom part from one. Make a small hole in the bottom for water to go out.

3. Utensils

You can use both old glass and metal utensils as pots for plants. All you have to do is make a hole at the bottom. Be careful while doing so if you are using glass (it’s better to take it to a glass cutting shop). Metal containers will absorb more heat which can be good or bad, depending on the plant type. If there is more heat, more water will evaporate. Metal containers are fine when placed indoors. Glass is nice at look at, specially for indoor plants such as money plants.

4. Wooden Box

Trees in a wooden box – you can’t get greener than that. You can use an old wooden box or fix a few pieces of wood lying around to make one for the complete natural look. Wood being organic will rot after a long use, more so if placed in the outdoors. You can line something in the interior wall of the wooden box if you are concerned about the wood decomposing. Even if it does after years, your plant won’t fall off. You would have safely composted the wood and then you can put the whole plant in another box.

5. Polythene

This is one great way to get rid of the polythene bags. You can place the soil in a medium or big polythene bag and grow your plant in it. If you want to move the plant, you can place the whole thing inside a box. If you place it inside a wooden box, it will not rot. Along with polythene, you can fashion paper or card boards that you generally get from your e-commerce orders.

If you have other ideas, do share it with us.

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