A Beautiful 20 Square Feet Balcony Garden


Image Source: Pixabay

Most urban homes lack space. If you live in an apartment, chances are your balcony is very small and you might have thought that growing plants is not possible. Check the video by ‘Urban Gardener’ and see how a tiny 20 square feet balcony (that’s smaller than most bathrooms) in Brooklyn has been converted into a beautiful garden that has completely transformed the place. There are flowering plants which, apart from looking good, act as a good privacy screen.

There are also herb plants stacked up on the wall. You can use fresh cilantro, mint, tulsi and many other herbs by growing them in such a way. Use hanging pots if your floor space is less. Use green and recycled materials to decorate the place like the one shown in the video.

Isn’t this garden the perfect spot for a glass of wine at sunset?

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