#DIYDiaries Your First Plant – Simplest Way To Start


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Most of us love plants and trees and wish we had a garden of our own. But then again, there are many like me have no idea about gardening and are too lazy to find out the details (I am!). After years of procrastinating, I finally took the plunge. Turns out, it is much simpler than I had anticipated it to be. The best way to start is to buy a small slightly grown plant. Here’s a guide on how you can start in the simplest possible way – this doesn’t require you to sow seeds, add fertilisers, maintain the plants much or even know the names of plants to start with.

1.Visit your nearest nursery or road side plant seller and ask for an indoor non-flowering plant such as areca palm, aloe vera, ferns, or anything the seller recommends. Most indoor plants do not require any maintenance, do not need to be watered daily and grow in indirect sunlight. Ask the seller about watering and light requirements.

2. The plants come with their roots packed in polythene. Manure is often added to the soil so you do not have to worry about that as well.

3. Buy a small pot, preferably 12 inch, or the one the seller recommends. You can also use any clay, metal, plastic or thermocol container lying around in your house. Make sure the bottom of the pot has a hole for excess water to drain out. You may place a thin piece of paper on the hole so that water is drained out but the soil doesn’t.

4. Buy soil to fill up half the pot.

5. Add a small layer of soil into the pot and place the plant inside after removing the polythene. Fill up the sides with the remaining soil till the plant’s base.

6. Add water to the soil depending on how moist the soil already is.

7. Done! You now have your first plant. All you need to do is water it when the soil looks dry. Over-watering is bad for the plant’s health.

Do remember to use recycled containers to plant, organic manure (home compost is greenest), and used grey water whenever possible. Let us know your experience and suggestions.

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