DIY Diaries: 5 Natural Cleaners To Clean Your Kitchen


Keeping the kitchen clean and looking shiny is an almost daily struggle (at least for people like us), and there are a ton of products in the market that claim to help with just that. But taking a closer look at the ingredients list will show the number of chemicals these cleaners actually contain.

In fact, some of these chemicals are so strong that they make your eyes sting and even your hands burn after use. Sometimes, the strong fumes they give out can have an immediate effect, making you dizzy and nauseous. We told you about 4 Kitchen Cleaners You Can Make At Home Using Natural Ingredients. So for now, here are some other cleaning products you can make yourself at home, with ingredients that are natural, easily accessible, and methods that barely take much time. Of course it is all so easy on the budget too!

  1. Natural Dishwashing Soap – Take an empty dish wash liquid bottle and add half a cup of liquid castile soap (available online on Amazon, Ebay, Rediff Shopping), 1/8th cup of water, three to four drops of your favorite essential oil and one tsp. of a homemade cleaner or a tbsp. of vinegar. Mix everything well and use the way you use your regular store bought dishwashing liquid.
  2. Natural Disinfectant Wipes – Cut up old fabrics (such as old tees) in square and put them inside any empty container (such as an old baby wipe container). In a bowl, add a cup of water, two tbsp. of castile soap, and eight to ten drops of tea tree essential oil to the container. The castile soap will help to clean while the tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant. Pour the mix into the container. Use it to clean your kitchen counter or other surface and happily reuse!
  3. Natural Ant Killer – In a pan, add one cup sugar, one tbsp. Borax (available online on Amazon) and half a cup of water. Let it boil for about three minutes and then cool to room temperature so that it starts to get thick. Add the mix inside a jar lid and place it in a corner on the floor. Leave it for two to three days to let the ants come feed on it, take it back to the anthill and kill more ants.
  4. Natural Vegetable And Fruit Wash – In a deep pan, pour a cup of water, two tbsp. baking soda, one cup vinegar and two tbsp. of lemon juice. The mix will create a little amount of fizz, and once it settles down, pour it in an old spray bottle. To clean the vegetables and fruits, spray and leave for five minutes, before washing off with water.
  5. Natural Scrub – Add half a cup of homemade laundry detergent in a bowl and half cup baking soda. Mix it well. Keep adding more baking soda till the mixture reaches a scrubbing paste like consistency. You can also add eight to ten drops of grapefruit or tea tree essential oil to add some disinfectant power. Put the mixture in a container with a tight lid. If you notice it gets dry, add a few drops of water to reach the desired consistency again. To use, add a little to a damp rag and scrub.

Remember that all the products are made of all natural ingredients and have no preservatives. As a result, the shelf life will not be too long. To make sure you do not waste any product, make in small quantities.

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