#DIY Diaries: Fun Ways To ReUse Your Non-Stick Pans


We did tell you about how your non-stick cookware is actually bad for your health, and we mean really really bad. So, once you decide you’ve had enough of those chemicals in your food and want to do away with them, don’t throw away your pots and pans. Instead, try these fun ways to reuse your non-stick pans and create some interesting looks around your home.


*this image shows earthen/ceramic pots but you can use the same method to create planters with your non-stick pans

1. Non-Stick Planter – Use your deep set non-stick pots to make a cool planter. All you need to do is fill it up with soil and add a plant of your choice. You can keep it inside the room or outside on your balcony or porch area. An easy and interesting way to reuse your old cooking ware and make fun room décor out of it.


2. Hanging Display – Want to give your kitchen area an international and modern look without making any big changes? All you have to do is put up some sturdy hanging points and hang your non-stick pots and pans for a quirky and fun display area. Will look great in an open kitchen as well as with different coloured pans.

You know me, I love fun and easy to create DIYs, so if you have any #reuse ideas that are great as DIYs, do take some time and write in to me.

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