#ConserveWaterMonth #ReUse Reject Water From RO Water Purifiers


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If you use a reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier, you must be aware that it rejects more than half the water fed to it. Instead of letting this water go down the drain, you can use it in a few ways.

What Is Reject Water

Reject water is the water that remains after the purified water has been filtered. Hence it is high in TDS (total dissolved solids) and other impurities.

So Isn’t It Unsafe

It is NOT FIT for drinking. But you can use it for non potable purposes such as cleaning, washing, gardening and other activities. We recommend testing the water at your nearest water lab before using it, as, in rare cases, it might contain toxic elements.

How To Use It

Collect the water in a drum and use it for mopping or washing your cars. The best use of this reject water is for flushing, which you can do without testing the water. You can also connect the pipe directly to your washing machine or your garden and use it there.

Other Points To Remember

Buy a RO water purifier only if you need it. If the water in your area is hard or high in TDS, you have to install it. Don’t just go for it because it is expensive and hence should be better. Get your water tested at a good lab. Normal UV based purifiers do not waste any water and can provide safe drinking water depending on the quality of the water in your area. If you have to go for a RO system, choose one that rejects less water and do not forget to reuse that water.

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