DIY Diaries: No-Stitch Trick To Turn Your Oversized T-Shirt Into A Stunning Dress


Almost all of us have that one t shirt in the wardrobe that is a size or few too big. But instead of turning it into a rag or just throwing it out or letting it sit at the back of your cupboard, try this easy no-stitch DIY to turn your oversized t-shirt into a stunning dress.

The steps may look a little difficult at first but see the video at the bottom and you’ll figure it out easily in one or two views!

You Will Need – Fabric glue, a pair of scissors, a ruler, a black marker pen, a cardboard and an XL or XXL size t-shirt (or anything that is at least two to three sizes bigger than what you would need, and a little long).

How To:

  1. Turn the t shirt inside out and fade out any creases. Fold it in half and make a small mark at the point where you will wear the dress under the arm. Make another mark about three inches below the first one. Make a very small mark in the middle of both the marks you made.
  2. Place the ruler on the very small mark and measure till about seven inches towards the middle of the t shirt. Make a mark.
  3. Make dots from the first mark and the last mark and bring them both to the middle where you made the mark. This part will act as a slit on the sides of your waist.
  4. Now mark about two inches from the side to the inside of the t shirt on the dots you made. Do it from both the main marks.
  5. Align the top of that mark and extend it to the top of the shoulder. Trace a line to make it easier to see. Now make a curved marking from the bottom marking till the part where your hips will begin. Start cutting on the lines.
  6. Measure three inches from the top of the hole and make a mark.
  7. Open up the t shirt and place it on the cardboard. Now glue on the three inch part that you had made earlier. It will help you to make the space for your arm to go in. Cut the sides on the lower part to make a better seam line and glue it up again.
  8. Wait for at least a few hours or even overnight to let the glue dry completely. If you want, you can sew it up as well.
  9. Measure out eight inches on the sleeves that you had previously cut from the t shirt. These will make the strings of the dress. Tie one on the front and one on the back.
  10. Turn the t shirt back to the inside out way and your new dress or beach cover up is ready!

Check out the video for the tutorial

Image source: Pixabay

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