4 Natural Room Fresheners For Your Home


Did you know those room fresheners you love so much are actually harming you irreparably? Artificial room fresheners contain a host of harmful chemicals including phthalates, that are known to cause a number of health problems. According to experts, these chemicals are also especially dangerous for pregnant women and children. Sounds scary doesn’t it?

Here are some wonderful natural substitutes that you could try instead, some recipes that include cinnamon and oranges.

1. Cinnamon Stick In Water: Take a stick of cinnamon (the size will depend on how strong the fragrance is and how big your home is), gently crush it into large pieces and add it to some boiling water. Let the mixture come to a boil. The steam rising from the water will  help eliminate the bad odours from your home. You can keep adding more water and cinnamon till all the foul odour is gone.

2. White Vinegar, Water And Cinnamon Add two caps of white vinegar to a pot of boiling water. Add a stick of crushed cinnamon to the mix and allow the mixture to boil and emit vapours. This mixture will help to get rid of stubborn smells and will fill your home with a fresh fragrance.

3. Cinnamon, Cloves And Star Anise: Take some cinnamon, clove and star anise in equal proportions and crush them into large size pieces. Place them in a large bowl and keep this in the room where you want the fragrance.

4. Orange Peel And Water: Place a small piece of orange peel in an uncovered bowl filled with water in your microwave.  Let it come to a boil and watch the foul odours in your kitchen vanish. Alternatively, you could boil an open pot of water in your burner and add a few pieces of orange peel to it.

Once the vapours permeate the air, your home will start smelling fresh in no time.

Image source: Pixabay.com

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