#FreedomFrom Toxic Products At Home


Ever counted how many toxic products you end up using at home, unknowingly? Most chemicals that are used in various day-to-day products can have a lasting impact on our overall health, not to mention the fact that they are also quite harmful for the environment (when they come in contact with water or air and contaminate them). So, instead of exposing yourself and your family to harmful chemicals and toxins, why not opt for ways that will help you choose better and safer alternatives, for yourself, as well as for nature.

Here are some ways in which you can free yourself from using toxic products at home.

1. Toxic Cleaning Products – Did you know that most of the cleaning products you use at home contain harmful chemicals such as Phthalates (can reduce sperm count), ammonia (can cause breathing problems), sodium hydroxide (can lead to severe burns and irritation on skin with prolonged use) and triclosan (can increase the amount of drug-resistant bacteria in the body). You could try making these natural and homemade cleaners that are absolutely safe and will not contaminate our environment. The best part is, they cost barely anything and are super easy and time-efficient to make.

2. Chemical Mosquito Repellants – The markets do offer a range of mosquito repellents that contain harmful chemicals. With constant use, it could lead to various breathing problems as well as allergic reactions. Here are five natural ingredients that you can use at home to keep those mosquitoes away. And the best part is that some of these ingredients are actually good for your health as well!

3. Chemical Based Pesticide – The store-bought insecticide that you use for your plants at home contain chemicals that are not good for your plant, and not for your home environment either. Instead, you can make a very safe, natural and extremely effective neem pesticide that is almost free of cost (!), is super easy and time-efficient to make and will be good for your plants.

4. Dangerous Baby Wipes – Sadly, those cute baby wipes we thought are so good for our babies are actually just the opposite. They are not only bad for a baby’s sensitive skin, but are equally hazardous for the environment. Some common ingredients in popular baby wipes include potassium sorbate, benzyl alcohol and sodium benzoate – all extremely harmful. If you want to avoid these coming in contact with your baby, try making these easy, reusable and safe baby wipes at home.

Image source: Pexels

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