5 Reasons That Will Make You Segregate Waste Now


With so much waste being created each day across the world, our landfills are choc-a-bloc and there’s not much scope to come up with new garbage disposal areas. Not only is it important to reduce the amount of waste we create, but it is also important to make sure that we segregate waste properly.

Why Should I Segregate Waste?

Here is why it is important to segregate the waste properly, before it goes to the landfill.

1. To Prevent Mix Ups At Landfills And Avoid Toxic Emissions


If you do not segregate the waste appropriately, such as dry waste, wet waste, and even biomedical or sanitary waste, it will all be dumped together at the landfill. When this happens, the waste will leak toxic liquid that will start collecting at the bottom. Not only can it get mixed up in water bodies and the soil, over a period of time, it can also release the very explosive gas called methane.

2. To Reduce Chances Of Infection


Often, when waste is not segregated properly, the garbage collectors have to manually remove the dry waste from the wet ones. Not only is it time consuming, but it also increases the risk of infection for these rag pickers and garbage collectors. The same infected person will come to your house or residential complex each day to collect the garbage, and further increase the risk of spreading the infection.

3. Reduce Impact On Climate Change


Methane is an extremely dangerous gas that causes many changes in the climate, which also leads to a shift in our regular weather patterns. If you’ve been noticing the irregularities in weather, such as droughts, sudden rains when it’s not expected, severe and long summers, vanishing winters, it is methane that has a role to play. Wonder again where it is coming from?

4. Reduce Wastage And Encourage Recycling


If you segregate the waste properly at home or at work, it will be easier to separate the same at the landfill or on the way. Those materials that can be recycled will be removed from the materials that will decompose naturally, and also from those that cannot decompose. By segregating the waste, you will help to provide more material for reuse and recycling and also reduce the amount of waste.

5. It Is Free And Can Help You Reuse


Another great thing about segregating waste is that it barely takes any extra time, is free of cost (except the cost of the bin, which is nominal) and will also help you use some of the waste that you would otherwise throw away! And yes, you can in fact save money when you segregate waste. You can make organic compost for your plants using your wet waste, make natural air fresheners using food peels, dish out delicious recipes using leftover food and also make fun crafts out of things you thought were a waste. When you start segregating, you will put some thought behind your waste and will better understand what you can reuse and what needs to go.

I follow waste segregation at my place, and so do all of us here at Planet Saverz. If you’re already doing so, great!

Image source: Pixabay

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