5 Ways To ReUse Your Old I-Pad



So in our series of fun ways to reuse, I told you about a few ways in which you can reuse your old smartphone which you don’t want to use as a phone anymore, and also how to reuse your old and boring clothes.

It always makes sense to try and reuse as much as you can. Not only will it help to reduce the amount of waste we generate, it will also help you make good use of the money you spent in the first place. So today, as I was trying to figure out what all I could do with my old I-pad that’s honestly been lying around in my drawer, unused for ages, I realized these easy ideas could actually work on it.

1. As An E-Book – There are a host of e-book apps that you can download and which are compatible on the I-pad. You can store a huge number of e-books on your I-pad and use it as a reading device. Because the I-pad screen is big, you will be able to read easily and not strain your eyes. Also, it will help you reduce the amount of paper books you carry around, and carry your books in a screen instead. From fiction to non-fiction to business papers and more, there’s so much you can carry with you.

2. As A Music Streaming Device – If you have a Bluetooth pairing device at home, you can connect your I-pad to the same through the Bluetooth feature and use it as a music streaming device. You can use it on an everyday basis, use it while you work out at home, or set it up for a party.

3. Desk Clock Or Alarm Clock – I-pads have some wonderful clock apps and come with good back lights that will make it easy for you to check the time. You can set it up as a desktop clock, or as a bedside clock, and also use it as an alarm clock.

4. Set Up As A Gaming Station – If you love the idea of having your own gaming station as they used to set up in the old days, you can get a gaming station stand from a gaming accessory store or ask them to customize one for you. Download a bunch of games on your I-pad, whatever you would like to play in your gaming area, set up the I-pad in its stand and start playing.

5. Door Spy Hole – Download an app called Wi Spy on your I-pad to turn your old I-pad into a very easy to use and easy to look through door spy hole. You can set it up on the inside of your main door and each time someone is at the door, check on the screen and then open.

I’m always up for reusing things that are past their regular use. So if you have some cool and easy to try out ideas, let me know in the comments right now!

Image source: Pixabay

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