LEDs Vs CFLs – What Works Best For You?


LED CFL Advantage of LED
Life in hours 25000-50000 6000 5-10 times more life
Power consumed for similar light in watts 9 14 More light per watt, more energy saved
Mercury No Yes Toxic for the environment
Heat produced Very less Low but more than LEDs Low heat output means lesser air conditioning costs
Cost in INR (9W LED vs 6W CFL) 200 100 LEDs under the UJALA scheme can be bought for INR 85 only
Energy cost for 2 years in INR (8 hours a day use) 315 480 Lower electricity bills
Number of bulbs used 1 2 CFL would be replaced at the end of 2 years but the LED will work for around 5-10 years
Total cost at the end of 2 years in INR 515 680 ROI < 2 years
Net savings at the end of 2 years in INR 165 Savings increase from the 2nd year onwards

*Electricity unit cost has been assumed to be INR 6.

If your usage is more than eight hours a day and your unit cost is more than INR 6, you will recover your money faster and reduce more carbon.

Are LED Bulbs More Expensive Than CFLs?

Yes, but not if you buy through the UJALA scheme of the Government. 9 watt LED bulbs can be bought for INR 85 only (yes, cheaper than CFL). There is a limit of 10 bulbs per electricity bill for domestic users. Commercial users and three-phase users can buy 20-50 bulbs.

From the table above, it is safe to say that LEDs are the better choice in almost every respect. Do not throw away your old CFLs as they contain mercury. You can connect them where you barely use lights like the terrace or a store room. Rare use = less landfills.

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