No AC: 6 Ways To Keep Your Home Naturally Cool

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Come summer and the one thing we reach out for the most, no, not our partner’s hand or a hug, is that oh-so- precious AC remote. It almost takes on a cult personality during summers, right?

With temperatures soaring high, it’s no wonder that our electricity consumption and the electricity bill soars high in the summer months. Not to forget all the harm our AC is doing to our environment (sending out more hot air into the environment, known as heat zones that further cause shifts in natural weather patterns as well as releasing harmful gases into the environment that are more dangerous than carbon dioxide).

No, we don’t want you to get baked in the summer months by switching off your AC. But instead of getting those high electricity bills at the end of a comfortable month of AC-induced cool, you could try these natural home-cooling methods that are easy on the budget, and will also make you an environmental champ!

1. Try and open windows and doors when the air outside is still cool. For instance, you can keep your windows open through the night and use a light net screen to keep insects out. It will fill up your rooms with cooler air during the night and early morning hours, as well as through the post-dusk hours. The natural air will be fresh and comforting and will ease out the heat from your rooms. If your windows and doors allow for it, keep them open to aid cross-ventilation through the house.

2. Most roofs in Indian homes are made of concrete, which can radiate a lot of heat to the floors below. A great way to combat this issue is by growing plants on the roof top and having a green roof. Painting the surface of your roof in white color can also help to avoid excessive heat absorption. The white roof will help reflect all rays of the sun back to the atmosphere, instead of absorbing it and creating more heat for your home and also for your city (urban heat island effect). This can effectively cool your room by around ten degrees Celsius. If all roofs are painted white, it can have a huge impact on arresting global warming.

3. If you have a balcony that opens right outside your room, use the space to create a mini garden. The mud will absorb a lot of the heat from the sun and will provide a cooling effect when you water the plants. If you don’t have a balcony, you can add some window planters that will keep the air fresh and cool. Here’s how you can create your very own DIY garden around the house by recycling your products.

4. Using bamboo blinds is a great way to provide some natural cooling to your home and is also a very chic home design accessory! Even if you already have curtains in your windows, you can install bamboo blinds that can be rolled up and down as required. To go a step ahead, give them a roll-over with a damp or slightly wet cloth and enjoy some fresh and cool air.

5. Cooler toned colors and neutral shades in the house help to reduce heat. If you are planning to give your rooms a new shade, go for peaches, creams, light blues, pale greens, soft lavenders and the likes.

6. Quick Trick: If you’re really feeling hot, take a bowl of ice and place it strategically under a ceiling fan or in front of a table or floor fan. Switch on the fan at full speed and feel the cool air!

Yes, we’re sweating it out but we’re also trying to reduce our AC usage as much as we can (to be honest, we haven’t cut down completely, but are reducing). If you’re just like us, we’d love to hear your tips and suggestions on how to switch off the AC and still be cool. After all, it takes people like you with us to help save the planet, right? Your comments and your pictures is what we love, so share share share!

Image source: Unsplash

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