#BuyingGuide The Most Efficient Mid-Sized Refrigerators In India



A refrigerator is probably the only appliance in your house that is never turned off. An old mid size refrigerator can consume more than 300 to 400 units in a year. A new one, rated 4 or 5 stars, consumes between 200 to 300 units. If you have a refrigerator that’s more than 10 years old, it’s better to give it for recycling and buy a new efficient one that will save energy, money and the environment.

Direct Cool Or Frost Free?

Frost free, as the name suggests, doesn’t form frost inside the freezer. Direct cool ones have to be defrosted from time to time and hence are inconvenient. They are also cheaper and slightly more efficient.

Are There No 5 Star Frost Free Refrigerators?

Currently, probably not. The most efficient frost free ones are 4 star rated. If you want to save more energy, you will have to invest in a 5 star direct cool refrigerator.

Things To Note When You Buy A Refrigerator

  1. The right size is most important, depending on your consumption and the amount of food you want to store. It’s greener but inconvenient to buy fresh vegetables and food every day. Smaller the size, lesser is the power consumption. Don’t buy a bigger refrigerator if you don’t need it. At the same time, one bigger refrigerator is greener than two smaller ones.
  2. If you are vegetarian, you will need lesser space in the freezer compartment. Look for models that have been designed so. Some models have a function to turn off the freezer or use it as normal refrigerator too.
  3. Similar to ACs, inverter technology in refrigerators also help to save energy, are more silent and last longer.
  4. If you get a lot of power cuts, look for models which have a cooling gel that keeps the interiors cooler for long. LG’s ‘Evercool’ range of refrigerators claim to keep food fresh for hours without power. Also, if you have power backup, there are some models that can run on power saving mode automatically on battery-inverter (don’t confuse with inverter compressor) backup. LG and Samsung call it ‘Smart-Connect’.
  5. Always look for BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) star ratings. 5 star rating is most efficient.
  6. More number of doors means lesser opening, which means lower energy bills. But some three door refrigerators are not star rated.
  7. Bottom freezer models are good if you use the freezer less.
  8. A warranty of 10 years is good.

Here Are A Few Efficient Mid Size (Around 300 Litres) Refrigerators

  1. LG GL-B285BGSN


270 litres. Consumes 209 units in a year. 5 stars rated. Direct Cool refrigerator. Costs INR 22,000. The LG GL-B285BSPN is also similar to this.

  1. LG GL-U322JSOL


This is a 4 star rated 308 litres frost free refrigerator. It consumes 203 units in a year and costs INR 32,000. It has an inverter driven compressor, doesn’t need an additional stabilizer and also detects power cut and runs on power backup in low power mode.

  1. Samsung RT30K37547E


This is 275 litres frost free refrigerator. This is also inverter driven, stabilizer free, and can detect power cut and run on power saver mode on the backup power.

  1. Whirlpool 260 IMFRESH PRM 5S EXOTICA

whirlpool-260 IMFRESH PRM 5S EXOTICA

This is a 245 litres 5 star rated direct cool refrigerator. It consumes 217 units in a year.

  1. Samsung RT39K50681J


This is a 394 litres frost free inverter driven smart refrigerator which has modes to turn off the freezer, the fridge part or use the freezer part as a fridge. This is good for people on the move. But this refrigerator is only 3 stars rated, that means it will consume more energy if you use it as a whole every day. If you have the necessity of turning off some sections of the fridge for most days, then this will help you save energy.

*All images have been sourced from the respective company sites.

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