6 Things You Need To Turn Off Now


We told you earlier about vampire power is and how it wastes your money as well as creates havoc on the environment – all unnecessarily. Here are the top six things in your home that you need to check now in order to save on energy consumption, as well as to reduce pollution:

1.TV And Set Top Box



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Your DTH (direct-to-home) satellite TV set top boxes can consume a couple of watts on standby. You need to turn them off along with your TV to save a couple of hundreds each year. You also need to turn the set top box off if you are playing content on your TV from other sources, such as HDMI, USB or the internet.

2. Extension Cord Or Power Strip


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Computers, printers, speakers and laptops are often connected to one extension board or power strip. It is important to buy a power strip that has individual switches (as is shown in the first image above). The second one keeps every device connected to it on standby. This causes a lot of vampire power waste, specially for computer related gadgets that run on dc and hence have a charger or converter.

3. Music System


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Music systems, radios and speakers are often kept on standby. This causes a lot of energy waste and can also cause loss in battery life in battery powered devices, such as bluetooth speakers. Damaged batteries would mean more toxic materials in landfills (if not properly recycled). Radios and wireless speakers kept on standby will consume power in searching for a network.

4. Printer


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Printers, specially laser printers, have a heating coil which keeps warming up if kept on standby. This heating coil is usually of a several hundred watts. This can account for thousands of rupees per month, not to mention a lot of CO2 if kept on.

5. AC Stabilizer


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Keeping the air conditioner switch on will not only waste energy on standby of the AC but also the voltage stabiliser connected to it. Stabilisers account for around 5-10 percent energy consumption in an AC and this can add a few hundred rupees to your monthly bill. Make sure you turn it off when not in use.

6. Charger


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The simplest of all. This is something we use every day. Turn off your phone, laptop, I-pad chargers when you are using them and save some serious carbon.

Image source: Pixabay

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