#BuyingGuide 5 1.5 Ton Inverter ACs With Lowest Electricity Consumption


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Inverter ACs are the most efficient air conditioners in the market. They come with a variable speed compressor that helps in maintaining the temperature without the on-off cycles. This helps in reducing power consumption, keeps the interior more comfortable and improves the life of the appliance.

Are All Inverter ACs Efficient?

No, all inverter ACs are not super efficient. An inefficient compressor with inverter tech may not be as efficient as a normal 5 star AC. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has recently introduced star rating of inverter ACs based on their ISEER value. ISEER stands for Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Higher the ISEER value, higher is the efficiency and lower the energy bills. Since inverter ACs operate on variable speed, their power consumption is not constant. So they are rated for their average power consumption running for 1600 hours in a fixed environment.

Top 5 Inverter ACs Available In India

Here are the top five inverter ACs in India. All of them are 5 star rated.

1. Hitachi KASHIKOI 5400I

This is the most efficient rated inverter AC. It consumes 817 units (=kWh) in 1600 hours. ISEER value is 5.0. It uses R410A refrigerant and has auto clean function. Copper condenser. Costs INR 59,000.

2. Godrej GSC 18 GIG 5 DGOG


It consumes 790 units for the 1600 hours test. ISEER value is 4.90. It uses the greenest refrigerant – R290, but this refrigerant is flammable. Aluminium condenser. Costs INR 66,000.

3. Daikin  FTKM50QRV16


Consumes 825 units in the 1600 hours BEE test. ISEER value is 4.69. Uses R32 refrigerant. Copper condenser. Costs INR 47,900.

4. Videocon VSX57.WV


This AC consumes 860 units in 1600 hours. The ISEER value is 4.59. It uses the common refrigerant R410A. Copper condenser. Costs INR 49,000.

5. Voltas  185V CROWN


Consumes 892 units in the test. The ISEER value is 4.51. Refrigerant is R410A. Costs INR 74,990.

My Personal Recommendation

Between aluminum and copper condensers coils, I would recommend buying copper as it is easily repairable. Aluminum is tough enough and some manufacturers give long warranties (5 to 10 years) on their condenser coils. ISEER ratings are now optional, so most inverter ACs have not been rated. Also check with the service quality in your area before you buy an air conditioner.

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