The Impressive Xiaomi USB LED Light And Mi Fan – Review


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USB powered small LED lights are great for using the laptop or reading a book without disturbing others in your room in the night.

I recently bought Xiaomi’s new USB light. The new model is an ‘enhanced’ version of the older one. This one is brighter and, more importantly, has adjustable brightness option which is a boon for using in the dark. I have used the older one and it was really good, but this, my friends, is just perfect.

How Is It Powered?

You can connect it to any USB slot, on your laptop, power bank or even your charger. And since it is flexible, you can direct the light towards you. Powering from a battery power bank makes it completely portable.

Why I Find It Better Than Others

1. The five adjustable brightness levels are very useful. I use it at the 1st or 2nd level and it lights up my laptop’s keyboard without glaring my eyes.

2. The colour temperature (probably around 4000K) gives a very soothing natural daylight effect.

3. Build quality is remarkably better than cheaper ones available in the market.

4. 1 year warranty.

Why Should I Use It? Does It Save Energy?

Yes, this consumes somewhere around one to two watts and is focused exactly where you need it. You can set it up like a table lamp by plugging it into a power bank. Most of the times, you do not need to light up the entire room. If you are a book lover, you will love using it to read books on your bed and not worry about getting up and turning off your main light.

Is It Worth INR 250?

Yes, worth the premium.

What About The Mi USB Fan?

The INR 250 Mi USB Fan is not a very practical option and can’t be substituted for a small table fan. It gives a very gentle breeze and is effective only on cooler days when you find it cold on the lowest speed of your fan. Today it is one of the rare cool days here in Cuttack because of the heavy rains, and I am using it right now and saving at least 50 watts of energy over my table fan. Another use of this is using it on the move, powered from the phone or a battery bank. On other days, it won’t be useful. But I think it will be really good in winter.

It is also an amazing piece of engineering being so small and well made, and if you are into such things the way I am, you will appreciate it. And it’s safe; you won’t cut your fingers by inserting them into the blades.     

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