Have You Eaten At India’s First Green Dhaba Yet?

Green Dhaba

In Gajraula, a dhaba(highway eatery) named ‘Bhajan’ has been certified by the Government of India as the country’s first ‘Green Dhaba’. This dhaba has implemented a number of green steps to minimize their carbon footprint.

Vegetables require water (apart from air and other things) to grow, and fuel to be transported. Cooking needs energy usually from cooking gas. Wasted food is better decomposed into compost and gas.

According to Kunwar Vikram Jeet, MD of Prem and Vikram Group, “The basic concept was to create a farm which would house a dhaba.” Building around a farm means local produce and CO2 produced for transportation. Old, recycled bricks have been used in the construction of this ‘green dhaba’. Thick double brick walls with an air gap of 1.5 cm helps keep the interiors insulated from the outside heat. According to Tanu Bhatt, the architect involved in the project, “This process reduces the heat by around 5 degrees.” Minimal use of materials such as cement and linter has ensured a greener building.

There is an organic gas plant that converts all the waste into cooking gas and manure. The cooking gas is used in the kitchen and the manure is used in the farms, making them completely self-sustainable. The whole ‘greenifying’ process requires effort and investment and it has paid off at Bhajan,  where people from far off places have started visiting for a meal. If the Government could extend support and make mandates for green conversions of large scale kitchens, we will see a lot more of these ‘green dhaba(s)’.

Image Source: YouTube

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